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The Crew
The valliant crew of Team Samsung

PICT0107 Will - Skipper PICT0007 Will (with the funny hat) - Skipper PICT0134 Ricky - 1st Mate DSCN1409 Matt - 2nd Mate DSC02399 Chris  - Green Watch Ray PICT0034 Ray - Green Watch DSC02468 Ray - Green Watch Roger PICT0036 Roger - Green Watch DSC02473 Roger - Green Watch PICT0031 Steve - Green Watch Helena PICT0037 Helena - Green Watch PICT0111 Sean - Red Watch Sean PICT0039 Sean - Red Watch Lynne PICT0043 Lynne - Red Watch Ken PICT0040 Ken - Red Watch DSCN1068 Ken - Red Watch Loz PICT0038 Lawrence - Red Watch Lou PICT0041 Louise - Red Watch DSCN1246 Louise - Red Watch DSCN1080 The Crew DSCN1084 The Crew