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RBIC Top Shots
A selection of the best photographs from the race (to follow)

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DSCN1053 Our first race prep dawn at Ocean Village DSCN1058 Glorious conditions for our first team training sail PICT0018 Practice starts (upwind though - if only we knew!) PICT0025 DSCN1070 Having fun yet?  Trimming and tacking practice! DSCN1154 DSCN1168 We added gay-pride head and wrist bands and blindfolded the little guy! DSCN1164 The obligatory ransom picture!! DSCN1097 Ready to bring it on! DSCN1098 PICT0074 A misty start to Day 1. Race start was postponed 45 minutes so that the spectators could see from the shore. DSCN1201 Getting ready - yankee 1 hoisted and trimmed. DSCN1207 After the start gun a small wrap for SAIC (what a shame!!) DSCN1213 Our Flanker looking great in the sun. DSCN1210 Across the line downwind - three boats on the opposite tack to us. DSCF0024 All together again - and we're in front!! DSCN1217 A great start for the spectators DSCF0022 Will keeping a watchful eye on the enemy DSCN1219 One of the several press chase boats - now where is Doug?? DSCN1223 Kate doing a great Doug impersonation on the bow! DSCN1227 Still tight well past Cowes. DSCN1230 Tearing past The Needles DSCN1237 Our Pit Chicks DSC02402 Well underway DSCN1246 Louise trimming the spinny. DSCN1248 12-13 knots DSCN1249 Day 1 draws to a close DSCN1252 DSC02392 Matt DSCN1257 Day 2 - rain and no wind! DSCN1258 Three lemons!! DSCN1259 Nothing to do but stand and wait!
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