Round Britain and Ireland Challenge Race - Photos
October 2005
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The Crew  |  Total images: 21
The valliant crew of Team Samsung
RBIC Top Shots  |  Total images: 134
A selection of the best photographs from the race
Arrival at Ocean Village and team assignments  |  Total images: 2
8th Oct 2005
Pre-race training sail  |  Total images: 25
9-11th October
BPre Race
Pre-race preparation  |  Total images: 23
All the boring stuff - plus some cool crew portraits!
Bye Bye Bash
The Team Dinner and Bye Bye Bash  |  Total images: 43
....also featuring "Round the World"!!! (12th and 13th Oct)
Day 1 (Saturday 15th)
Day 1 (Saturday 15th)  |  Total images: 83
Dawn, leaving, the start, spinny runs - fun!
Day 2 (Sunday 16th)
Day 2 (Sunday 16th)  |  Total images: 11
The dreaded "three lemons" appear for the first time
Day 3 (Monday 17th)
Day 3 (Monday 17th)  |  Total images: 21
Wind, dolphins and broken poles
Day 4 (Tuesday 18th)
Day 4 (Tuesday 18th)  |  Total images: 20
Speed, sunsets and the start of those kite repairs!
Day 5 (Wednesday 19th)
Day 5 (Wednesday 19th)  |  Total images: 5
Seems like business as usual already
Day 6 (Thursday 20th)
Day 6 (Thursday 20th)  |  Total images: 40
Lots of birds, more lemons and model yachts
Day 7 (Friday 21st)
Day 7 (Friday 21st)  |  Total images: 29
Getting colder, getting rougher - and the Storm Stay Sail breaks out
Day 8 (Saturday 22nd)
Day 8 (Saturday 22nd)  |  Total images: 6
Hang on!
Day 9 (Sunday 23rd)
Day 9 (Sunday 23rd)  |  Total images: 48
Birthday parties, Muckle Flugga and the broken pole lives!!!
Day 10 (Monday 24th)
Day 10 (Monday 24th)  |  Total images: 24
Gales, orange sails and the real rough stuff
Day 11 (Tuesday 25th)
Day 11 (Tuesday 25th)  |  Total images: 29
Oil platforms and reaching down the N.Sea
Day 12 (Wednesday 26th)
Day 12 (Wednesday 26th)  |  Total images: 10
Still blowing - but making great progress
Day 13 (Thursday 27th)
Day 13 (Thursday 27th)  |  Total images: 61
The home stretch, the needles, the finish line and the welcome home!
Day 14 (Friday 28th)
Day 14 (Friday 28th)  |  Total images: 12
It's over - now to clean up!
The party!  |  Total images: 17
The end of a great adventure, with some great people